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Flagship Merchant Services has collaborated with ROAMpay, a provider of iPhone card readers, to provide a credit card processing service worthy of the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award. The application process is entirely online and Flagship approves 98 percent of applicants. Once approved, the supplied hardware and payment processing app on your mobile device allow you to process credit and debit cards from anywhere within cellular range.


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Pricing makes Flagship one of the best iPhone credit card processing services. There is no initial investment with this service, zero application or setup fees, and the service includes a free ROAMpay credit card reader that allows you take advantage of Flagship’s lower-than-average transaction fees. Each transaction costs a flat fee of $0.19 plus a percentage, depending on how you process the customer’s credit card information. Fees for swiped transactions range from 0.38% to 1.58% of the total transaction. Keyed-in fees range from 0.98%-1.98%. Flagship charges a monthly wireless service fee and does not commit you to an annual contract.

Hardware & Compatibility

ROAM Data provides Flagship with secure ROAMpay card readers that turn smartphone into payment terminals that process credit cards. The lightweight swiper plugs into the headphone jack of an iPhone. In order for the reader to work properly, the volume on the device must be turned up to the maximum. If the payment processing service goes down or you are out of the range, the reader will process transactions in an offline mode. Once service is restored, the information is automatically transmitted to Flagship’s payment servers for authorization. If you experience any issues with your iPhone card reader you can reach customer support via email and toll-free telephone 24/7.

Transaction Features

Flagship Merchant Services in conjunction with the ROAMpay iPhone card reader can provide your small business with far more benefits than just credit card processing. For example you can accept all major credit cards with the reader and you can process cash and debit sales. Accepting these three types of payment ensure you never have to miss out on a sale. The service allows you to export all transaction data directly into your accounting system. For the convenience of your customers, receipts are emailed instead of printed. You can even customize receipts with your business address and logo.

Sometimes transactions need to be voided, and Flagship makes it easy to do so. There’s also an option to issue a refund directly from your mobile device. Other useful features include the ability to accept tips and automatically calculate sales tax. If a signature is required to complete a transaction, you can capture a customer’s signature using your smartphone touchscreen. The service can also use your phone’s built-in GPS to provide geo-tagged location reporting, so you know exactly where each transaction took place.
Flagship with ROAMpay boasts robust security features designed to make an iPhone card reader as safe and secure as an actual credit card terminal. The virtual terminal on your mobile device is password protected and any unprocessed transactions that are temporarily stored on your phone cannot be accessed.

Flagship’s payment processing service is PCI compliant, which means the service abides by the security guidelines of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. These guidelines are designed to combat credit card fraud and protect both consumers and merchants. Some of these security practices include restriction to the data files that contain customer payment information and encryption of credit card information when transmitted over public networks.

Aside from rigorous security practices, another beneficial feature that Flagship offers is the ability to automatically save customer information (not including credit card information). You can opt to save a customer’s name and contact information, which can be used for future marketing campaigns. You can log into your account on any web browser to view and track all your merchant account information in real time.

Flagship ROAMpay Summary:

While iPhone credit card swipers are among the most common mobile card readers, Flagship Merchant Services also provides ROAMpay credit card readers that work on all popular mobile devices, including Android, BlackBerry and other iOS devices. Flagship’s convenient application process coupled with its high approval rate mean you can quickly start processing payments securely on your smartphone. Flagship Merchant Services with ROAMpay stands out among the competition as the best. To get a personalized quote call (866) 865-9906.


Flagship ROAMpay

Flagship has competitive pricing, no startup costs, low transaction fees and a free credit card swiper.

The lowest swiped rate of 0.38% applies to certain predefined debit card transactions.

The Verdict:

Competitive pricing, reliable card readers and useful features make Flagship Merchant Services the best mobile payment processing service. To get a personalized quote call (866) 865-9906.